1. Poster for queer women’s party at the ILGA Europe conference in Riga this coming week. Drawing after a vintage lesbian pulp fiction book cover. Thursday October 9 at 9pm at Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs for those in Riga.


  2. Monster black radish, from a mini zine, Angry Root Vegetables, made at a kuš!  (kushkomikss) workshop with Ines Estrada (inechi) on Saturday. Not printed yet, but it will be, I think.


  3. New comic!

    A 32-page story about a mysterious ear that starts a summer romance between two women, Riga and internalized homophobia. Colour, offset, A5.

    For sale September 6-7 at the Small Press Heaven at the Helsinki Comics Festival. Come say hi to me and Dāvis Ozols!


  4. Rīga’s planned metro was never built in Soviet times, but soon it will open at the Survival Kit international contemporary art festival. See you September 4th at the Boļševička factory in Sarkandaugava if you’ll be in Rīga!


  5. Eventually, or whatever.


  6. Here’s a short comic about one of my favourite places in Canada, which was dismantled shortly after I drew this a couple months ago. If you’re interested in the radio towers I recommend you check out artist Amanda Dawn Christie’s short film in production Spectres of Shortwave.


  7. more panels from the new comic



  9. Comic in the new ID issue of  LÖK Zine from Italy. Get it here: http://lokzine.com/LOK-ZINE-05-ID


  10. a page and some panels from a new comic I’m working on. the pencil crayons are an experiment of sorts. images are from my camera for now and not the best.


  11. A seven-year-old I’d taught died in an accident last month. I haven’t talked about it except with my students and I wasn’t sure how so I drew a comic instead.


  12. some work from my exhibit currently up at Trusis Kafe in Riga (Dzirnavu iela 43). The white-on-transparent picture on the left in the last photo disappeared when it went on a white wall, so I stuck a sheet of dark paper behind after these photos were taken.


  13. collage exhibition in Rīga at Trusis Kafe (Dzirnavu iela 43). opening Thursday March 20, 19:00


  14. koshkazine:

    yay! Despite the snow storm #koshkazine arrived in time for #chicagozinefest this Saturday! Hope to see you there! #zines

    did an interview for Koshka zine, check out some zines if you’re in Chicago! I think they’ll be slower to arrive to Latvia.


  15. My roommates keep asking the same questions about everything I cook so I started doing tofu drawings.